Meaning of our School Crest

At the top of our School Crest, we have the name of our school,  dedicated to St Sinneach. St. Sinneach came from a monastery on  Inchcleraun, on Lough Ree and established the first church in this  parish. He was accompanied by St. Sinneach Ogh (Sinod). The  symbols on our crest illustrate children together at play and various  interests that the children might have here in the school, eg. Art,  music, sport, reading and a curiosity about the wider world. The  colours at the top of the crest are from our school tie. The lower  symbol illustrates the meaning of Colehill, Cnoc na Góla, “the hill of  the shoulder”. A shoulder was a piece of raised land between two  streams. Our motto is “Foghlaim, Meas, Suaimhneas is Spraoi”, which  embodies everything that takes place in our school.

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