History of our school

The History of our School 

Our school is named after St. Sinneach, who, accompanied by St. Sinneach Ógh  (Sinód), came from a monastery on Inchcleraun on Lough Ree and established  the first church in this parish. The placenames of Taghshinney (Teach Siní – House of Sinneach) and Taghshinod (House of Sinód) bear the names of these  two saints. 

St. Sinneach’s N.S. was built in 1965, replacing 2 schools, a Boys’ school and a  Girls’ school, both of which has been in existence since 1898.  

It is said that in 1965, all pupils were given an early Summer holiday. Both  existing buildings were demolished to clear a site and construction work began.  During the period of construction, pupils were accommodated in Belton’s home,  Clonfide school and Lisnacreevagh. 

Originally, the building comprised three-classrooms and three hallways/toilet  areas plus an office. 

In 1970, Clonfide school was closed and the pupils were transported by bus to  school in Colehill. Miss Halvey and Miss Curran from Clonfide joined Mrs. Kenny  and Master Ward here. A pre-fabricated structure was erected to accommodate  the extra classroom required. 

In 1979 – 1980, a general purpose room and classroom to replace the prefab  was built towards the rear of the school. This proved a hugely beneficial addition  to the school. 

In 1997, a classroom was added (now our Breakfast Club and After-School  Facility). 

In 2007-2008, we were fortunate to receive funding for the complete upgrading  of our windows and the construction of 2 classrooms.  

We now have a bright, modern and spacious school that will serve many children  and families well into the future.


Other interesting facts

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